About Us

Silk Road Expeditions is Comprehensive Travel service company based in Kashgar and Urumqi ,Xinjiang ,PR China,founded in 2008. and it is officially started online tour sales since 2011. ,Silk Road Expeditions are specialized in organizing the both China’s Silk Road cultural Private and group trips as well as providing highly professional  Mountaineering expeditions in Xinjiang region ,

Our Story

Waheed, Passionate young man ,born and raised in Kashgar,college graduate  who’s vision was to build bridge between the developed western world and his unknown world where he remains passionate about introducing wilderness of mountains ,ancient Silk Road culture and it’s value in a untouched life of Uighur people by modern life ,Waheed with high educational background , provides real knowledge and high quality of travel service that’s inspiring, engaging, comprehensive and informative ,if you are looking for local Uighur travel agents and guides to travel with for investing to the locals and  to deeply learn authentic culture of Xinjiang and Silk Road through the eyes of Locals, you have come to right place, Please check out our Silk Road Sample Itineraries ,if you can not find any suitable itinerary for you ,We can make it tailor Made , Just Let us know your main interest ,we do Every Planning for you ,we are more than happy to hear your questions and would love to provide free information consulting and customization, feel free to contact with Waheed by his Email : waheed@silkroad-Expeditions.com
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In Cultural Silk Road Group and Private Tours side : As we are mentioned above ,  Waheed and his team totally capable of Organizing Silk Road group and Private Trips in China’s Silk Road ,Especially in Xinjiang Region , wide range of Silk Road Tours are availiable in Our website , all of them are sample itineraries ,we create lots of different itineraries according to your date , if it does not meet your request ,no problem at all ,just send us an email about your request and we make it adjusted to your time and budget ,we also organize cross border overland tours  from Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar and From Kashgar into Kyrgyzstan through torugat and irkeshtam pass , Following are Our Popular Cultural Silk Road Tours ,

Why Choose Us ?

There are plenty of Tour guides and agents in Xinjiang region , finding serious and reliable one is very challenging , there are few reasons that why we are confident ,honest ,different and unique than others ,guarantees that you would love to travel with us and would love to come back again and recommend us  to your friends and families

1 – We work with Integrity

we believe that honest business is a sustainable business ,we will never allow ourselves to compromise on quality,values or sincerity . if we can’t or won’t do something ,we will tell you upfront . if we make mistake ,we will own up to it . if we think you are making wrong travel decision ,we will tell you directly ,and explain why

2 – We are Flexible

we can accept and help to make  the last minute changes on the itinerary according to your requirement ,time and needs  before or during the tour ,

3 – We are Local Uighur Experts

Our company are formed of local staff from all parts of xinjiang region , we know our area and people very well , we do our best to let you stay  close and contact with locals as much as possible , where ever you go for traveling with us , we make sure you are investing locals ,

4 – No Hidden fees & No Forced Shopping

we will tell you all the possible costs and fees  upfront ,and we can guarantee that there are no hidden fees and  No forced shopping during trip with us , if you would like to do some shopping  to have typical local souvenirs ,we can help you with your request ,and more importantly Silk Road Expeditions guarantees all guides fair service fee  and operate a strict  Non – Commission policy in all destinations

5 – We are Friendly

when you travel with us ,you don’t feel like you are customer , tourist or outsider and we make you feel like you are our friend , friendly  service and attitude towards our clients are guaranteed

6 – We Escape from Developed Urban Centers

we understand that our clients would like to see untouched local culture ,so we take you to the off beaten path and escape from developed urban centers ,we take you to authentic non -touristic places , if it is possible we  make it some places when less touristic time and season ,

7 – Focus On Your Safety

we focus on your safety ,help you get the best of the trip with our approachable and knowledgeable group of professional staff with Tender Loving Care

Contact Us

ADD:1213 Xingli Road , Urumqi ,Xinjiang 83000,China No,121 Turpan hotel ,Turpan ,838000 China No 857,Mingshan Road,Dunhuang ,736200 ,China